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Captured: 64 Chevy tail

64 Chevy tail

Even though I thought my dad’s ’66 Ford was cool when I was a youngster, even then I had to admit that Chevrolet styling was superior across the board. The triple tail lights on Impalas were always inspired designs. I especially liked the kidney-shaped lights set into the bumper on the ’68s, but my next favorites were the perfectly round lenses on the ’63s and ’64s. Plenty of these Chevys roamed my childhood neighborhood.

I took my Olympus XA along to the Mecum auction last month. I was impressed that it handled some challenging lighting situations pretty well. I regret my choice of film, though. Arista Premium 400 is grainy like good old Kodak Tri-X; some say the Arista is Tri-X. I think my automotive subjects were better suited to a film like Kodak T-Max and its barely detectable grain.


7 thoughts on “Captured: 64 Chevy tail

    • One tradeoff we’ve made in the name of safety in cars is cool design details. Everything in a car today is about not killing or maiming the people inside in an accident.

  1. I would guess that Arista Premium is Tri-X. It sure looks like it. And since it is made in the USA the sources are pretty limited as to who could be making it. I have had fairly decent results with Arista Premium using Xtol. Seems to cut down on the grain some.

    • It looks like Tri-X to me, too. The negs all say Arista though; I’d heard that the negs said Tri-X. Maybe that was only when Arista first started selling this stuff.

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