Clear a space for Bobby Tanqueray

I’m sure it’s the old disk jockey in me, but I just have to share new music that really moves me. I don’t remember now how I stumbled upon this video, but I had to hear it only once before I started scouring YouTube for more from this band.

Lake Street Dive is drummer Mike Calabrese, bassist Bridget Kearney, guitarist and trumpet player (trumpetitst?) Mike Olson, and vocalist Rachael Price. They became a band when they met at school in Boston a few years ago, and now they record and tour. They cover songs from a sweeping range of sources but always leave their fingerprints all over them. Yet I think they shine brightest on their original compositions. Here’s one.

Their sound reminds me of an old-school vocals-forward jazz quartet with strong pop sensibilities. And Rachael Price’s strong, deep vocal would be right at home on a Motown record. Here’s one more original song from them.

If Lake Street Dive’s sound is working for you as it does for me, there’s plenty more on YouTube where these came from.


7 responses to “Clear a space for Bobby Tanqueray”

  1. DennyG Avatar

    Nice find. I’ll be keeping my ears open.

  2. kiwiskan Avatar

    I like their sound – obviously timeless :)

  3. […] first heard of Lake Street Dive less than a year ago in a friend’s blog post. I was extremely impressed and, as I said I’d do in a comment on that post, I’ve been […]

  4. karl Avatar

    I recently found this combo on TBone Barnett & Coen Bros “Another Day Another Time” doing Goes Down Smooth. It was such a treat to hear such good musicians doing authentic music on basic intruments. They have an honesty and joy that is engaging. No autotune needed. Blew me away and like you I have been searching for more.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      Fortunately, they make CDs and put their music on iTunes! :-)

  5. Ron Avatar

    Saw them perform in No Cal last night. Their recordings are great, but they must be seen live to appreciate how talented they truly are. Amazingly enjoyable!

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      They finally did a show here in Indianapolis a couple months ago! It was awesome. They are incredible musicians.

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