Film on Instagram

IMG_0430I feel like such an Internet curmudgeon. In my day, sonny, we used Netscape 1.0 to surf static HTML Web pages that were coded in Notepad, and we liked it!

I try all the new Internet gewgaws and gimcracks but don’t like most of them. Twitter? What’s the point? Pinterest? Wow, what a colossal waste of time! Instagram? Crappy lo-fi photography? Bah! Bah to the whole lot.

Except that I’ve been posting photos to Instagram more and more lately. Film photos, taken with old cameras from my collection. It feels so subversive! And it’s so easy now that the iPhone Flickr app lets you save your photos to your phone. I choose a film photo from my Flickr stream, save it to my phone, bring it into Instagram, crop it, apply a filter, et voilá.

And thanks to iCloud, these photos automatically show up in a folder on my PC. It was super easy to upload them from there to WordPress, where with a couple clicks I made this slideshow out of them.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Hm, I’m enjoying a lot of modern Internet technology there. Maybe I’m not as curmudgeonly as I thought.



8 thoughts on “Film on Instagram

  1. ryoko861 says:

    I will never be able to use Instagram. I don’t own an iPhone or even a Smart Phone and probably never will. By the time I can afford one and the service contract, they’ll be outdated. I actually came across a selling venue the other day that I was interested on selling on…one catch…you can only upload from an iPhone. So much for that. I guess I’ll forever be behind the times.

    Oh Jim, you’re more in step with the internet than you know!


    • It’s fun to have an iPhone, but if I had to go back to a flip phone tomorrow I’d buck up and handle it. Actually, my last flip phone was a much better phone than my iPhone!


  2. Keith says:

    Like the photo of the brick wall, Jim.

    And I remember using Prodigy on an IBM PS/1 with a half of a meg of RAM with a black and white monitor. That was about 1992, I think.


  3. That’s a great little slide show. Technology makes the process a lot easier than it used to be, but judicious editing is still the key element in a successful presentation.


    • Thanks Mike. I had to edit these two ways — sort through the photos for ones that would make good Instagram fodder, and then crop for best composition.


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