Snow-covered dog

I can’t believe Gracie is still with me. She’s at least 16 now! She’s stiff and slow, but as eager as ever to be anywhere I am.

I had some Fujifilm Superia X-tra 400 in my Pentax ME, and my 50mm f/2 SMC Pentax-M lens was attached. I had a few shots left on the roll and decided to burn them off so I could get the film processed. Gracie was delighted to follow me out into the yard, my favorite photographic venue. (Seriously. I take more pictures at home than anywhere else.) We’d gotten a big dumping of snow; my sons and I had cleared the driveway the day before. As Gracie and I walked out onto the driveway, a big wind gust blew snow off the roof and onto both of us. Gracie, being a dog, was undaunted. I snapped this shot of her right away.


11 responses to “Captured: Snow-covered dog”

  1. ryoko861 Avatar

    Aww, she’s sweet! At that age, nothing bothers them.

    1. Jim Avatar

      She sure doesn’t show it if anything does!

  2. Fitwellmom Avatar

    What a beautiful picture! She looks like a great companion :)

    1. Jim Avatar

      She’s a dingbat, but I love her anyway.

  3. pesoto74 Avatar

    Wonderful photo.

    1. Jim Avatar

      Thanks! This is just how I framed it, and just how it came back from the processor. No tricks, no cropping, no nothing.

  4. Lone Primate Avatar
    Lone Primate

    More power to Gracie.:) I have a cat who’s turning 15 this summer and I’m in no hurry to see the back of her either.

    1. Jim Avatar

      That’s getting up there for a cat. But isn’t it more common for cats to live to 20 than it is for dogs?

      1. Lone Primate Avatar
        Lone Primate

        I honestly don’t know if it’s more common for cats to reach their 20s than it is for dogs… I kind of hope not, dear as my cats are to me. I do know I’ve had a few people casually mention, unprompted, cats in their families who lived into their 20s. I don’t know if mine will, but given her health at the moment, I don’t see why can’t be a candidate. :)

  5. Dani Avatar

    What a sweet dog. Scratch her head for me.

    1. Jim Avatar

      You got it!

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