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Captured: Share the road

Share the road

Indianapolis has become a little more bicycle friendly over the past few years, with some city streets being restriped to add bicycle lanes and many other streets being marked to remind drivers to share the road. As sanitary sewer has been extended into my part of town over the past couple years, the city has taken advantage of the resulting tearing up of streets to reconfigure some of them for safer bike travel. I would have liked nearby Grandview Drive to be widened for bike lanes, as it is narrow and frequently busy. All it got were these Share the Road symbols.

Grandview wasn’t busy the day I took this photo because it was closed for bridge construction. Naturally, that made me want to ride my bike on it! I love to slip one of my small film cameras into my pocket when I ride, and that day my little Olympus Stylus Epic Zoom 80 was loaded with Kodak T-Max 400 and ready to go along.


4 thoughts on “Captured: Share the road

  1. Nicely made image. I also agree Stylus Epic Zoom 80 as an excellent bike camera. I am glad that more towns are making room for bikes on busy streets. Although I do still tend to stick to only bike paths or side streets when I ride in town.

    • Thanks Ted. I love that Indy is making this effort, though I must admit that some of the bike lanes they’ve added have made it more complicated for cars.

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