13 blogs you should read in ’13

I read more blogs than I have time for. But I just can’t resist bloggers who are just everyday people but have something valuable to say, reveal a little something about themselves when they say it, and interact with their readers in the comments.

I want to share some of my favorites with you, because I think you might enjoy reading them too. Some of the bloggers below read and comment here, some don’t (but I wish they did).

  • 40 is the New 13 – Jennifer was a journalist, but now she’s a wife and mother and she has to scratch the writing itch somehow. She is both funny and insightful.
  • 52 Film Cameras in 52 Weeks – Every week, Tony gets a different old film camera out of his collection, shoots with it, and posts some photos. It’s great fun.
  • Ashes of Our Fathers – Scott has been a colleague and a friend for more than 15 years. He writes from time to time about politics, faith, and the economy. His work is always challenging, but is extremely well researched and superbly written.
  • Beacon 225 – Ted lives out in the country in Illinois and most of his photographs from old film cameras come from around his farm.
  • Denny G’s Road Trips Blog – I’ve met Denny in person a few times when he’s swung through Indianapolis on one of his many road trips. He’s well known among road trippers and is a friend to historic roads everywhere.
  • in case i’m gone – Leigh writes letters to her son Loch, as she suffers from a disease that will likely be the end of her one day. She wants to share the wisdom she would have given him along the way and let him come to know the person she is.
  • Life, Edinburgh – You’ve got to admire a photographer who makes his own cameras. Simon has even hooked up his cameras to a scanner to get images. This dude does guerilla photography!
  • Old Parked Cars – Ben and Tony are brothers who drive around Portland, Oregon, photographing all the old cars parked by the roadside. Portland appears to be the place to find old cars.
  • Photography and Vintage Cameras – Mike does beautiful work with his old film cameras. I especially admire how he gets wonderful images from the simplest cameras, proving that the gear matters far less than the photographer’s vision and experience.
  • Preservation in Pink – Kaitlin is a historic preservationist living in Vermont. She writes about the importance of heritage and shares photos of great old buildings and bridges in her area.
  • The Ramblings – Tori let her blog audience plan her wedding last year. That is a girl who has no control issues. She’s also funnier than all get out.
  • Roadside Architecture Blog – If you love the old signs and buildings from a time when the two-lane highway still ruled, you’ll love Debra Jane’s blog. She travels the country with her four dogs, documenting what’s left of the sights along the roadside.
  • String Too Short to Tie – David retired from teaching school some years ago and now shares stories from his life, past and present.

I hope you’ll give these blogs some love.


14 thoughts on “13 blogs you should read in ’13

  1. Thank you so much for the kind words! You know I love your blog just as much. Sharing an interest in history with you makes me feel happy, somehow.

    Last night, I spent about an hour doing phone interviews with two elderly ladies our museum will soon put on film in a pair of recorded oral histories. I had a blast. You’re absolutely right… that reporting thing is tough to get rid of.

    Thanks again, and I look forward to checking out all your favorites!

    • Seems like the skills you learned as a reporter are mighty portable. I hope you find something you enjoy among the blogs I listed.

  2. dennyg says:

    I know all all too well the …more blogs than I have time for” scene. Miss a day or two and I feel like Lucy in the online version of the candy factory. And I think you’ve just pointed me to a couple more I’ll add to the feed.

    Thanks for the list and bigger thanks for including me in it.

    • Sometimes I have to go through and prune my reader because I just can’t keep up! Here’s hoping this little mention will gain you additional readers.

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