2012’s greatest hits

As 2012 sails across the finish line, it’s time to look back at the last twelve months of Down the Road.

Readership steadily increased this year, thanks to a base built on readership surges when three of my posts were Freshly Pressed in 2010 and 2011. Nothing I wrote this year tickled the Freshly Pressed editors’ fancy, but I can’t complain; lightning has struck here thrice. Also, it brought you back here more often when I moved from a Monday-Thursday to a Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule in October.

WordPress provides lots of ways to measure a post’s popularity and effectiveness. As usual, the posts that meant the most to me didn’t connect with you in measurable ways.

  • A place where it means something to be a Grey – I went to Handley, West Virginia, this summer, which is the world headquarters of my family.
  • My first roll of film – I shot my first roll of film in August, 1976, and got back timeless images of neighborhood children.
  • Balloon Day – It was an annual tradition at my elementary school to release hundreds of balloons into the air and track where they landed. Incredibly, I have video of the event from the late 1970s.
  • Even a mediocre plan will work if everybody follows it – Change is hard, but success happens when everybody decides to cooperate.
  • The ear of the elephant – This was a difficult post to write. I really wanted to blast some people I know for some narrow-minded views, but instead channeled that energy into writing something I hoped would help them see that the world’s problems are multilayered and complex.

These are the five most-visited posts of 2012.

I think a better measure of a post’s impact is how many comments it gathers. These are the five most-commented posts of the year.

WordPress has succumbed to the “Like” phenomenon started over at Facebook. These five 2012 posts were most liked.

Thank you for reading Down the Road. Your visits and especially your comments encourage me to keep writing.

Most popular posts ever: about bad grammar, a folding Kodak,
rangefinder Minolta, The CBS Late Movie, and broken cup.


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  1. Dani says:

    Though I may not always comment on a post, there is rarely a post that I miss. Looking forward to reading more in days to come!

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