Carrying on after tragedy

Down the Road is not about current world events. Yet when my post about Christmas music, which was scheduled in advance, went live this morning, its timing felt wrong in light of the horrific, awful, evil tragedy that fell on Newtown, Connecticut, on Friday.

I am deeply shocked and saddened. I’m sure we all are. We grieve, and we search for answers.

Yet our lives continue, and so will Down the Road. I write everything well in advance; eight posts are queued up and ready to go and will appear on schedule through the end of the year. I hope they provide you some diversion and distraction.



6 thoughts on “Carrying on after tragedy

  1. What I wonder is if we ever will take an honest look about why our culture here is so violent. I am not even sure if most in the US are even aware of how much more violent we are than other countries with similar economic standing. It seems like every time something like this happens there is a call for some soul-searching and then things go back to what they were before.


  2. ryoko861 says:

    I felt funny about tweeting things from my online store. Like it was disrespectful. So I laid low on doing any promoting for the day. Pesoto74 is right, we all come together as a country for awhile then things go back to the way they were before it all happened. Like 9/11. We have them in our thoughts and our deepest condolences, but we have to move on.
    England has their share of violence too. Their media standards are bit different then ours. Less drama, more news.


  3. Jim, the blogging thing is tough right now. I had a few “funny” posts scheduled for this week and I’m still debating on running them. On one hand, I don’t feel funny, certainly not in the spirit from which the posts were originally written. On the other hand, I think just about any and everything we write will seem trivial right now. Distraction might just be the best route!


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