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Christmas memories

My youngest son wondered aloud this year why my Christmas-tree decorations are all glass bulb ornaments. I like the way they reflect the lights!

I do hang one non-bulb ornament on my tree. When I was in Kindergarten, my teacher gave every student a shiny red plastic bell ornament onto which she painted their name, “Kdg.,” and the year (for me, 1972!). It was her annual tradition. I have ornaments from other school years, crafty, schlocky things made of popsicle sticks, felt, and decoupage. They stay in the ornament box. I like the bell for its simplicity, its purity; it is a just-right reminder of a time I enjoyed very much and hold in high regard.


For me, the holidays are really about gathering with people I love and having good times together. These times inevitably create warm memories. The whole family is coming to my house this year for Christmas, and there’s so much to do! To give me a little more time to prepare, between now and Christmas Day I’ll be sharing with you some past posts of Christmas memories.

Next: The traditional Grey family Christmas music.


12 thoughts on “Christmas memories

  1. It’s beautiful, I love it! You’re right, the memories are one of the best things about Christmas.

    Once, when our son was a toddler, he hung a plastic toy key on the tree. It was from the dashboard of one of those little cars kids can sit in and propel along with their feet. It’s blue and yellow, and it’s been on our tree every year since.

    This year, he’s taller than I am. He took it out of the storage box and was like, “Mom, do you really want this on the tree?”

    Are you kidding me? I would not have a tree in the house without it.

  2. Neat that you’ve held onto that ornament and all those sweet Christmas memories! I have so many memories of excitedly handing my mom the various crafty things I’d made at school: macaroni wreath, glittery popsicle stick ornament. My son came home from preschool yesterday with a paper gingerbread man he’d decorated and rushed to put in on the tree. All I could think was “It’s starting!!!!”.

  3. Can’t wait to read about some of those memories! I have a couple of those vintage ornaments from Christmas’ past, too. Yeah, brings me back to better times as well.

  4. It is amazing how it has survived all these years. It seems like there is a magic to the few items that manage to stay with us through all the changes that life brings.

    • What’s even more amazing is how many of my childhood friends still have their Kindergarten bell, based on the comments I’m getting on Facebook.

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