Cars of a Lifetime: 1978 Chevrolet Van


The second of my Cars of a Lifetime posts went up over on Curbside Classic this morning, about a 1978 Chevy van my dad bought when he went into the cabinetmaking business. It was the first vehicle I ever drove.

Read my story here.

Longtime readers of this blog might recognize it as a slightly updated version of this post here on Down the Road from early 2010. I decided to recycle some perfectly useful words! How green of me.


3 responses to “Cars of a Lifetime: 1978 Chevrolet Van”

  1. Scott Palmer Avatar

    Why do those photos of the van and the street look so young, innocent, and peaceful? Does even film succumb to the rosy tint of memory?

    You said that you had your first driving lessons in that van but that you weren’t sad to see it go. But did you ever pick up a hitchhiker in the Chevy van? Did she by any chance wake up and take you by the hand? :-)

    1. Jim Avatar

      Only in my dreams, Scott — only in my dreams.

  2. ryoko861 Avatar

    Commented over at the Curbside Classics.

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