Basketball on the road

I always chuckle when I see this photo. It seems so improbable. But this road is abandoned; why not play basketball on it?

This isn’t just any abandoned road, though. It’s the old National Road, the nation’s first federally funded interstate highway, somewhere in eastern Illinois. Several long segments of abandoned brick and concrete road run alongside modern US 40 from the Indiana state line to Effingham, about 60 miles west. This concrete pavement dates to the 1920s; the road itself to the 1830s.

I love the National Road and have written extensively about it. Here’s a list of those posts.


Captured: Basketball on the road


7 thoughts on “Captured: Basketball on the road

  1. Lone Primate says:

    It’s intensely poignant to think that life is still going on on the very place that thousands upon thousands passed by on their way to new lives, or bringing the commerce of the early United States to and fro. Does anybody else have “Elbow Room” from Schoolhouse Rock going through his/her head right now like me? :)

    • It does blow the mind a bit to think that some kids shooting hoops here are on ground once trod by Conestoga wagons on their way west.

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