Chateau Collapso

I came upon this house falling in on itself on one of my first road trips, a 2006 tour of some twisty roads in southern Indiana. It stood on State Road 62 near Corydon. I went back over Labor Day weekend in 2007 and found it in even worse shape, with all of the parts that were supposed to be vertical being nearly horizontal.

I took this photo with an Olympus Stylus Epic Zoom 80 camera I used to have. I gave it away several years ago to someone who needed a camera. But it was a trusty little camera, and so when I came upon another on eBay for cheap recently, I bought it.

(This post was supposed to come before my full writeup of this camera, which I published accidentally a couple weeks ago. Oh well! At least this photo illustrates how the lens goes a little soft at full zoom.)

Another great abandoned place I found was an old alignment of State Road 37. Check it out!


12 responses to “Captured: Chateau collapso”

  1. ryoko861 Avatar

    I’m surprised the town didn’t take it down for safety reasons. What a shame. It looks like it was a beautiful home once. I hate seeing houses like this. The picture has good clarity though. If you took a picture of it with another camera it would be cool to see the difference in the clarity between the two.

    1. Jim Avatar

      I think it’s officially outside of town. And I’m guessing that in this part of Indiana, if it ain’t hurting anybody, the local governments don’t have time or resources to intervene.

      If you click through the image to see it on Flickr, then look at it in the lightbox (click on it again there to do that), you can see how noisy/soft the image is.

  2. Lone Primate Avatar
    Lone Primate

    Set back from the road and situated on a verdant, tree-lined lot, this Edwardian-era bungalow is a parcel of opportunities just waiting to be unwrapped by its lucky purchaser. As is, it features a number of intriguing design aspects that will fascinate your guests and generate a lot of buzz about your maverick style and flair. Alternatively, it represents unique but not insurmountable challenges to the handyman of moderate ability to transform a singularly fine property into a truly superlative one. A must-see!

    1. Jim Avatar

      Well, now we know that should the tech writing market ever go bust, you can make your living writing descriptions for Realtors.

  3. Dani Avatar

    Oh, the stories that house could tell if only it could speak.

    1. Jim Avatar

      I think this one would say, “Ouch!!!”

  4. Ted Kappes Avatar

    I wonder how long that place has been abandoned? It would be interesting to study. I very seldom see a house last in a state of decay long enough to collapse like this. Almost looks like most of what is left is leaning on and being held up by the chimney.

    1. Jim Avatar

      I’ve never seen anything else like this. It’s bizarre how the walls have curled, sort of. I would have expected crumbling or breaking, not curling.

  5. dburr13 Avatar

    My first impression was…slow motion implosion…Very slow motion.

    1. Jim Avatar


  6. Rod Ivall Avatar
    Rod Ivall

    Alarming but charming…….

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      However did you find this old post? But yes, alarming for sure!

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