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For as long as I can remember, music has played almost constantly in my mind. It’s been a welcome, constant companion. Well, mostly; sometimes a song I don’t like will play in there and I can’t shake it. But otherwise the biggest problem I have with the radio station in my head is trying to keep myself from humming along. People look at me funny when I do that.

The best thing about the radio station in my head is that I never know what I’m going to get. Other radio stations say they play the most variety. I say pshhh, just tune into my head. This Glenn Miller tune has been playing there a lot lately.

But not long ago, this powerful song by heavy-metal band Iron Maiden was in heavy rotation.

Sometimes songs pop into my head seemingly out of nowhere. I hadn’t thought about this Kenny Loggins song in 20 years, but it played in my mind for the better part of a week not long ago.

The radio station in my head takes requests. I bought the new CD by The Black Keys recently and have been listening to it in the car. This, my favorite song on the disc, was promptly placed in rotation.

Sometimes the craziest things will spin through my mind. Not long ago, this musical Warner Brothers cartoon played over and over.

This 1960s game-show theme is a recurrent, which is radio lingo for music that never seems to drop off the playlist. Darn good thing I like this bouncy, jazzy little number.

Because my sons play lots of video games, sometimes the music from them gets stuck in my head. My youngest son has been playing classic Sonic the Hedgehog games lately, and so lately my mind has been playing this music from the Star Light Zone in the original Sonic game.

Usually when a new song pops into my mind, I go find it on YouTube and share it with all my Facebook friends. So far, nobody’s unfriended me because of it. I like to think it’s because the radio station in my head is worth listening to!

I’m a big Paul McCartney fan. I hear his music all the time in my mind. I deconstructed one of his songs once; read all about it


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  1. daniel b michel (@danielbmichel1) Avatar

    I can relate…I too have an mp3 player running in my head most of the time…Fed by the music i’ve been exposed to in the various radio formats i’ve worked…and anything else i’ve heard…Very few besides myself would get into the radio station in my head…It’s just too much variety…When Dick Clark died…the American Bandstand theme that started the show was running through my mind on a regular basis for more than a week…’Cause that’s one of the things i wanted to hear when he died…That theme was my AB theme and the music then shared the space in my head with the video…Of Dick Clark opening the show in 1970 something…

    1. Jim Avatar

      Sounds like your mind’s radio takes requests!

  2. Dani Avatar

    As you know, I have my very own cranial DJ. I tend to bop rather than hum and have been caught groovin’ to tunes no one else hears. An event or overheard word can trigger a record change which sometimes results in an inopportune giggle. :-0

    1. Jim Avatar

      My record changes are sometimes also brought on by an event or something said.

  3. Mark Bianchi (@markbianchi) Avatar

    Nice blog! Warner Brothers to Iron Maiden! Love it! You should make your own radio station on Spotify using the Soundrop app. That way everyone can enjoy the radio statio in your head. Here’s mine: Radio Bianchi. Enjoy!

    1. Jim Avatar

      Sounds like fun! Thanks for the tip.

  4. ryoko861 Avatar

    I’m tuning into your head next time!
    I really like The Black Keys! I saw them on The Steve Colbert show a few months back. But since I’ve seen this video I’m going to look into them more!

    1. Jim Avatar

      Their new album is pretty good overall, and the first three songs on it are excellent.

  5. Keith Avatar

    Jim, I like “Perfidia”, too. Great song. Linda Ronstadt does an awesome version of it, but it can be hard to find. It’s on the soundtrack to the movie The Mambo Kings. It’s worth looking for.

    1. Jim Avatar

      I know Linda Ronstadt did a couple standards albums — but of course not about her version of this song. Thanks for the tip.

  6. zorgor Avatar

    I read that if you want to get a song out of your head, hum “My Country ‘Tis of Thee” / “God Save the Queen”. Some NPR story about neurologists actually researching this and trying to figure out if we can use songs that we can’t get out of our heads to remember things we actually want to. Anyway, that’s a tidbit they ran across. They think it works because it’s a slow, stately tune…

    1. Jim Avatar

      Well, I do know that whenever I hum the theme of the Royal Canadian Kilted Yaksmen, everything in my mind is cleared.

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