Captured: A slice of Chicago

A slice of Chicago

When my older son turned 13, we spent a weekend in Chicago together, just he and I. We visited the Museum of Science and Industry, ate deep-dish pizza at Gino’s East, slept at the posh Palmer House Hotel, and went to the top of the John Hancock Building to see the city. We had a great time.

My younger son turns 13 today, and we’ve been talking about the Chicago trip we’ll take together. The Museum of Science and Industry will certainly make the itinerary, but we’ll definitely skip the pizza because my boy doesn’t like cheese. Beyond that anything goes. Maybe we’ll ride the Ferris wheel on Navy Pier or watch the White Sox play. But whatever we choose, it will be great just to be with him.


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  1. Debbie Avatar

    Does your son like BBQ’d ribs? They’ve got some of the very best at ESPN Zone. That’s where my son and I went on our “just the two of us” trip to Chicago, and he’s still raving about them!! Happy B-day to the new teenager!

    1. Jim Avatar

      He does like BBQ ribs! Thanks for the tip! Though the ESPN Zone is the last place I’d expect to find the best ribs.

      1. Debbie Avatar

        Well, you can see it’s been a while since my son and I visited. Come to find out, Disney has CLOSED this restaurant in Chicago (, so don’t bother trying to eat there. Sorry! You’ll have to find good ribs elsewhere.

        1. Jim Avatar

          Oh, too bad. We’ll figure something out!

  2. Melissa Waggoner Dieckmann Avatar

    I think there’s a typo, it should say “watch the CUBS play.” Also, if your son is so inclined, you should check out Sue, the most complete T. Rex fossil, at the Museum of Natural History.

    1. Jim Avatar

      Make no mistake, I absolutely, positively meant the White Sox!!

      Thanks for the T.Rex tip!

  3. ryoko861 Avatar

    The ball games sounds like fun! So get him a cheesless pizza!

    1. Jim Avatar

      Cheeseless pizza? How dreadful!

  4. Ted Kappes Avatar

    I like to take the train to Chicago or to drive up to where the Metra starts and take that into town. It is a lot more pleasant than dealing with traffic and parking.

    1. Jim Avatar

      I like to take the train, too. I’m from South Bend. When my youngest and I go, we’ll drive up there (where my extended family still lives) and then take the South Shore into town. So much easier than messing with my car in downtown Chicago.

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