Captured: Stigma, style, and stamens

Stigma, style, and stamens

I buy cut flowers at the grocery store from time to time. I’m sure that the person who rings me up thinks I’m buying them for a girlfriend or a wife, but I’m currently unattached. I buy them for myself.

The Japanese have raised flower arranging to an art form. I think of it every time I place the flowers one by one into a vase. I aspire to beauty, but I have no idea what I’m doing. I just go about it quietly and mindfully. That’s the whole point, really – I buy flowers for myself when I need a little inner peace. Sometimes I stay in that place by photographing them, moving in close, looking for a beautiful composition. Such was the case this day. I leave it to you to decide whether I succeeded.


15 responses to “Captured: Stigma, style, and stamens”

  1. ryoko861 Avatar

    Yup. Success! Flowers do have a calming effect. I’m also sad when they die.

    1. Jim Avatar

      Me too, but that’s also because they’re so expensive.

      1. ryoko861 Avatar

        Yeah, true!

  2. Dani Avatar

    Ah, flower Zen. Brilliant flowers give me energy; soft colors provide peace; planting and tending to them provides therapy; all are a reminder of God’s presence and His amazing artistry.

    1. Jim Avatar

      True dat!

  3. Tori Nelson Avatar

    I feel relaxed just reading this post :)

    1. Jim Avatar

      Glad I could provide a moment of zen!

  4. vanilla Avatar

    Yes! “quietly and mindfully” I can only imagine the enhanced beauty you experience because you do this.

    1. Jim Avatar

      And enhanced peace. I can never have enough peace!

  5. Lone Primate Avatar
    Lone Primate

    I think those rude flowers should cover those things up!

    1. Jim Avatar

      Flower porn!

  6. versa kay Avatar

    It is ,no doubt sad that it dries , or dies, but by shooting it nicely you have turned it into a joy, forever.

    1. Jim Avatar

      Isn’t photography great for that?

  7. Ted Kappes Avatar

    I think you succeeded. I think getting a whole flower into good focus is a nice test for focusing skills.

    1. Jim Avatar

      I hang my head in shame — I used autofocus. If I recall correctly, I did have to try a whole bunch of times to get autofocus to do what I wanted to, though.

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