Life is a highway: Down the Road turns 5

Down the Road, v. 1.0

I started this blog on impulse five years ago this month. I wasn’t sure how long I’d stay with it. But as you can see, it’s stuck.

I gave it the tagline, “Roads and life and how roads are like life.” I had been on a very bumpy road, but I was determined that things would get better and that I would come to enjoy the journey. In case you haven’t figured it out yet, this blog has been all about chronicling that journey.

To celebrate Down the Road’s fifth blogiversary, throughout February I’ll be reaching into the archives from the first two years. I told some of my favorite stories during that time, but I had few regular readers with whom to share them. I’ll dust them off, freshen them up, and share them again. I hope you enjoy them.

My first post was on February 7, 2007. Read it here.


31 thoughts on “Life is a highway: Down the Road turns 5

  1. Lone Primate says:

    Congratuations, Jim, and many more anniversaries to Down the Road. :) Thanks for everything you’ve given us so far.

  2. Lone Primate says:

    P.S. I hadn’t realized you changed mastheads. Seeing the single two-lane highway replaced by parallel double-laners immediately put the Schoolhouse Rock tune “Elbow Room” in my head. I guess that means next you have to put a shot of a giant interstate in the masthead. :D

  3. As a (very briefly) fellow traveler, many congratulations on the milestone–which isn’t buried in grass at the side of the road this time!

    If there is one thing you and your writings here have taught me James, it’s to pay attention to the world around us. Noticing how things were can help shape the direction of what’s to come.

  4. Woohoo! Five years! Awesome. Preservation in Pink has been around since then too. Took our blogs a while to cross paths, huh. I’m glad they did. Keep up the great work.

  5. First, congratulations on “Down the Road’s” anniversary. This is a great resource for any roadfan.

    Second, thanks for your support on my blog! Your coverage of the National Road is phenomenal, and will certainly give me an idea of what to look for once I make it back toward the Midwest!

    • Matt, I am simply delighted that you will get good use from my National Road coverage. I’ve now driven the road from Cumberland to Vandalia (and the bank road from Baltimore to Cumberland), and have documented much of it here. You can also check out my static roads Web site for additional information at, as it has details my blog lacks. I’m writing up my Ohio trip from last year now and hope to post it there in the coming weeks.

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