2011’s greatest hits

As 2011 makes its final bow, it’s time to look back at the last twelve months of Down the Road.

I was extremely fortunate that featured two of my posts on its daily Freshly Pressed feature early in the year, bringing a surge of visits and netting a few new regular readers. But then I spent the whole summer detailing my trip across Ohio’s National Road. I found the whole thing endlessly fascinating, but given that readership slowly declined post after post, I’d have to say that most of you were not as enthralled. Lesson learned! Here are the five posts from 2011 that got the most visits.

I think a better measure of a post’s impact is how many comments it gathers. These are the most commented posts of the year.

As usual, the posts I liked the best didn’t climb to any heights. Don’t click any of the links above; those posts have gotten plenty of love. Please, go read these.

Thank you for reading Down the Road. Your visits and especially your comments are what encourage me to keep writing.

Most popular posts ever: about bad grammar, a broken cup, a folding Kodak, a rangefinder Minolta, and The CBS Late Movie.


10 thoughts on “2011’s greatest hits

  1. I like your road tours a lot. Yet, with you, I find your portrayal of your “personal journey” to be very compelling. I like the ones you picked as “favorites” too.

    Bring us more of the world through your “lenses” during 2012.

  2. You have the patience to go through your stats? You’re good. I try and it makes no sense to me. I don’t even believe half of it.

    I enjoy your posts! I always learn something. Being sheltered in PA, I enjoy your posts on the Ohio’s National Road. Nice to know there’s life outside the commonwealth.

  3. Wow, it’s really nice to have such depth of understanding about what readers like about your blog. I’m beginning to get a sense myself, but am still surprised often. But I guess you’re saying that isn’t going to stop either. :)

    • I just follow the indicators available to me. If I wanted the most hits, I’d do nothing but camera posts. But those tend to return fewer comments. I’ve actually yet to figure out what generates comments reliably.

  4. Jim, thanks for wrapping up with some of your posts from the year. I just came along into this blogging journey just a few short months ago and I learn a lot from veterans like you! Plus you are an amazing photographer.

    • Veteran? You flatter me! This has been a constant learning experience — which, I suppose, is one reason I keep at it. Thanks for saying such nice things about my photographs.

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