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The fastest way to irritate a radio disk jockey at Christmastime

Call and request “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer.”

Every disk jockey in America is sick of that song. It’s not just because the song is so kitschy, but because the phones at every radio station in the nation ring off the hook for it throughout the holiday season.

As a public service to disk jockeys everywhere, we here at Down the Road are posting the song’s video. Now when you want to hear this song, you don’t have to call the radio station – all you have to do is click Play below. Doing so will make your favorite disk jockey’s Christmas more merry – because he won’t have to listen to it, too.

Merry Christmas!


24 thoughts on “The fastest way to irritate a radio disk jockey at Christmastime

  1. Lone Primate says:

    I think this is the original recording, but I’ve always preferred The Irish Rovers’ version. It’s got more punch and the singer doesn’t wander all over the melody like this chap does. And it’s just not Christmas without Jimmy Ferguson’s baritone Ulsterman brogue.

    Their version can be heard here, should anyone care to hear. It’s got a good beat and you can dance to it. I give an 8. :)

    • It’s the 1984 recording. The original was from 1979. I used to hear that version every Christmas on The Dr. Demento Show back in the day…

    • I can’t believe I sat all the way through that rendition. I also can’t believe you found it on a Web site named

  2. Holy cow! I can’t type fast enough. First off, though I realize that you have a higher percentage of DJ readers than most, calling this a Public Service Announcement is still a major stretch. Then Lone Primate takes it to a whole new level by pointing to a website named TurnBackToGod and touting “Christian Music Download” which not only offers GGROBAR but has a link to “Track Santa Online”. And we still haven’t figured out what mysterious force caused the Irish Rovers to actually record this in the first place.

      • Must be time to put more tensile on the Christmas tree.

        Besides a smile, this thread brought on a question. I recall listening to a late night DJ in the early 1960s who usually referred to himself as Dr D but whose full “name” I thought was Demento. Wikipedia says the real Dr Demento was created in 1970 so that can’t be him. I doubt many (or any) of your readers are old enough to answer but I’ll ask anyway. Anyone remember a Dr D from 1962-65 on an AM station that could reach Darke County Ohio late at night when the moon and stars and solar winds were just right?

        • The Dr. Demento I know is Barry Hansen, and iirc he did start in the 70s. So maybe my vast (cough) readership will have an answer for you!

  3. I have this on a 45. This, Dominic the Christmas Donkey and I want a Hippopotamus For Christmas are three songs that drive me nuts. I normally have the local radio station on through out the season that plays only Christmas music, this year I haven’t put it on hardly at all. They play the SAME songs every hour! I haven’t even gotten out my own CD’s. Just not into it this year.

    • I actually seriously considered including Dominic and the hippo in this post, but even I have standards, and chose not to do that.

  4. At first I thought, ‘Yeah! I like that song!’ and clicked play. About halfway through I thought, ‘Ok, once was enough. I’m good for another year.’ By the end it occurred to me that if more people saw this video, fewer and fewer would ever want to hear this song again. I see your diabolical plan revealed.

  5. Disappointingly, I did not click on the song!! I have gone all year without listening to it in a store, the car, a restaurant, etc. Thanks Jim, now you have put it in my head without even hearing it :(. hehehe

    Have a great holiday, my new blog friend!

  6. As a former boy disc jockey (I got my 3rd class permit when I was 14), I was more annoyed when I was playing Christmas music one afternoon — the station got a bunch of traditional Christmas music on reel-to-reel tapes and played them one after another — and this old woman called and demanded, “What is that NOISE you’re playing?” I checked the sheet and said, “Mahalia Jackson, ‘O, Holy Night.'” She goes, “Well, it’s TERRIBLE! Why can’t you play some GOOD Christmas music?” I wanted to say, “I am,” and I wanted to call her a racist, but I think what I really said was, “OK,” and hung up.

    • I got a call like that once, too. I was playing Johnny Mathis. He made quite plain that we should be playing music only by white artists. I told him that we would be playing whatever music we wanted, and he could listen or not.

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