A little blog housekeeping

I started blogging on a whim 4½ years and 406 posts ago. (Read my very first post!) I posted sporadically at first, but after a couple years settled into my twice-weekly rhythm. That’s when things started to take off here at Down the Road. My little blog began to attract regular readers (and I’m grateful for each of you!), a few of my posts were featured on’s Freshly Pressed (like this one about grammar, of all things), and the number of comments on each new post started to really pick up. These things have made blogging great fun! Writing this blog has become my primary hobby.

Starting today, Down the Road has a new primary Web address: I’ve owned the domain for a long time. I write there in greater depth about my road trips (for the true roadgeek). Check it out if you’re curious. The big reason for making this address change is because I’d like to integrate this blog and my site more. For example, I’d like to add a section to about my vintage camera collection and link from it to all the posts here about them. It feels right somehow that all of that content be under the umbrella. It also feels right that Down the Road have only my name in the address. You can take that either as a little vanity, or a sign of how seriously I take this blog.

If you’ve subscribed to Down the Road in your feed reader or by e-mail, everything is the same for you, and you’ll still receive my posts as you always have. This is still a blog; I’ve just used a little technical sleight of hand so that it appears to be coming from my domain.


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