Captured: Early autumn sunrise, almost Indianapolis

Early autumn sunrise, almost Indianapolis

During the school year my sons stay overnight at my home on Wednesdays. We like our relaxed evening family time. But school starts early, and none of us enjoys getting up long before sunrise the next morning for the 45-minute drive to their mother’s suburb. We stumble around the house getting dressed and eating breakfast, and then we climb into the car for the trip. We listen to music or NPR; sometimes we talk, sometimes they play video games on their hand-held devices.

When my sons are adults, we will surely talk about these times and reflect on the good and the bad. But even in the circumstances we wish were different, we sometimes encounter unexpected moments of joy or of beauty. We’ve seen plenty of beautiful sunrises as we travel eastward on Thursday mornings, sunrises we surely would have missed otherwise. I was fortunate to have my good camera along one recent Thursday morning when the sky’s colors were especially vivid. These sunrises have taught me, and I hope my sons as well, to look for the good in unwanted circumstances.


15 responses to “Captured: Early autumn sunrise, almost Indianapolis”

  1. ryoko861 Avatar

    Excellent outlook on the situation Jim! I’m sure your kids will also remember the better times rather than the “inconvenient” ones. Yeah, it sucks getting up that early, but you’re seeing something that not many people really get to see. How many young boys get to see the beauty of a sun rise? Something I’m sure they’ll reflect on in their life.

    1. Jim Avatar

      Ok, I have to admit it, I frequently have to insist that they pull their heads out of their Nintendo DSes to notice these sunrises!

      1. ryoko861 Avatar

        Oh, believe me, I know they didn’t voluntarily get up one their own or say “Let’s get to bed early so we can see the sunrise!”.

        A little prodding and prompting is always in order!

  2. vanilla Avatar

    Such a picture is the reward for rising early! And of having a good eye and owning a good camera.

    1. Jim Avatar

      An eye can be developed, but this was one of those times when my camera, which is good in low light, did make the photo possible.

  3. Lone Primate Avatar
    Lone Primate

    That’s a gorgeous shot, Jim; I love how you can see the slight difference in grey tones near the base of the tree. What an excellent capture. I love how you turned something of an onus into something you and your sons will remember for years. It’s funny how things like daily drives can wind up being the things you actually do remember about growing up.

    1. Jim Avatar

      Thanks, LP. You know, I’ve driven by this tree hundreds of times by now, but never in this light. Sometimes you need a different light to see the beauty in something.

  4. Todd Pack Avatar

    That’s a tough situation. Glad you’re there for them..

    1. Jim Avatar

      Thanks, Todd. It is what it is.

  5. Steve Schwartzman Avatar

    That is an excellent sunrise; I’m glad you got to see it and record it.

    Steve Schwartzman

    1. Jim Avatar

      Thanks, Steve, and thanks for stopping by!

  6. Tori Nelson Avatar

    Proof that I am not artistic, I point out the views like this almost every evening. The best description I could come up with is “Hey! Hey look! Black trees!”. Whatever the name, the scenery is lovely :)

    1. Jim Avatar

      (chuckling) Thanks Tori!

  7. Thestrugglershandbook Avatar

    That’s a gorgeous picture. I’m usually up before sunrise, but too disdainful of the coming work day to notice anything like this. I’m glad I stopped by to see what was going on; thought I was following, found I wasn’t!

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      Thanks man! Glad to have you along for the virtual ride.

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