Captured: Sunrise over the unfinished church

Sunrise over the unfinished church

When my church announced its plans to build, neighbors on the side street next to our property flew into a tizzy, worried about Sunday morning traffic on their one-lane street. The only entrance to the property was on their street, so we promised we’d close it and put a new entrance on the main road. They still worried, so we promised to keep asking our members to avoid their street. Truth be told, I empathized with them. A megachurch is building a huge satellite campus across the street from my subdivision. I’m quite sure that traffic will become snarled Sunday mornings, making it difficult to enter and exit my neighborhood.

My new Canon PowerShot S95 is so svelte that it slips easily into my interior coat pocket. I carried it the other morning when the sunrise was especially lovely as I headed off to work. I liked how the morning’s colors framed the almost-finished building, so I paused for a few through-the-windshield photographs. I liked this one the best. It’s been interesting to watch this building go up over the past year, and this isn’t the first time I’ve photographed the construction. This land used to be a cornfield. A few farm fields still lurk within the Indianapolis city limits.

I end up taking a lot of photos right around my house and in my neighborhood. One of my favorites is this one of a rainy evening, as viewed from my deck.


6 responses to “Captured: Sunrise over the unfinished church”

  1. Tracy Zhang Avatar

    Great shot of the church, but yes it looks massive and traffic must be hectic on Sundays. Perhaps they’ll consider staggering service times from Thursday evenings – Sunday afternoons like the megachurch in my old neighbourhood does. I suppose it’s better to have regular traffic flow over 4 days than a massive build up on sunday mornings.

    1. Jim Avatar

      Thanks Tracy! We’ll see how they schedule services after they open this new building. You are probably right — spreading out services would thin out the traffic burden.

  2. Kurt Avatar

    Nice shot!

    1. Jim Avatar

      Thanks Kurt!

  3. Lone Primate Avatar

    That’s a really magnificent capture! I don’t know quite why, but when I saw it, the first thing I thought of was the US Founding Fathers working in Independence Hall in Philadelphia.

    1. Jim Avatar

      The building does kind of have that air about it.

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