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Captured: International farm truck

International farm truck

Though I’m a lifelong Hoosier and have lived in Indianapolis for 16 years, I’ve been to the Indiana State Fair exactly twice. I always figured the fair was mostly about the midway, and rides just aren’t my thing. But I’m always looking for fun things for my sons and I to do, so we made our first fair trip a couple years ago. I took them last year, too, for a little fun before school started again.

Turns out I like to eat fair food and see the animals and the vintage farm equipment. I had a lot of fun photographing the old tractors and trucks. While I love classic cars and can tell you the year, make, and model of almost any car made after World War II through about 1980, I can’t do the same for trucks. Their styling didn’t change enough from year to year. So I have no idea how old this old International farm truck is. But I liked its lines enough to move in close with my camera.

I can just imagine this truck, which looks like it still works for a living, driving down the perfect gravel road I photographed a few years ago.


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  1. Grill work and headlight placement suggest 1939. But don’t take that to the bank, I’m a long way down the road from the day.

    (I think by ’41 the lights were embedded in the fender. Maybe.)

  2. I’m neither a car or truck enthusiast, but stopped by a local classic car show last summer with camera in hand. I came home with nearly 300 photos to sift through. The lines, the colors, the characters who love these cars and trucks. What a feast for the eyes! I was pretty amazed by it all and plan on dropping in again next summer.

  3. Rama Sarma says:

    South Bend, Michigan, Notre Dame and Hickory are some of the images invoked by the mention of Hoosier.

    • I was born and raised in South Bend! When I was a child, if you walked up the hill to the top of the street, you could see Notre Dame’s golden dome.

  4. Pretty cool! But I hope you can post some more of the photos you took.

    I went to the State Fair last year because one of my friends was displaying her leather work (belts, sculptures, etc. — really amazing stuff). I spent most of the day walking around the fairgrounds while she sat at her display table. It was nice. I wouldn’t want to do it every year, but I hadn’t been since I was a kid and it was fun to go back.

    • If you click the image above, you’ll go to Flickr, where you can browse the other photos I’ve posted from this day at the fair!

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