Captured: Whitehouse No. 1

Whitehouse No. 1

One of the most fun parts about exploring Indiana’s old roads is lunchtime. Chain restaurants cluster at Interstate exits and in the suburbs. But following the old highways, which lead through towns instead of around them, you can still find the small mom-and-pop places. I love to stop at a local restaurant for a burger or a tenderloin.

This joint is on the Michigan Road, on 6th Street in Logansport. I’d driven by dozens of times, but it seemed always to be closed for the day, even at three o’clock in the afternoon. Then one day I found it open while I was in town with my partner on the Historic Michigan Road Byway project. We stopped in for mighty fine bacon cheeseburgers – and closed the place, at the terribly late hour of 1 p.m. Turns out they cater to an early crowd, opening at 4 a.m. and closing as soon as the noon hour ends.

Over the summer I found a great root beer stand on Old US 50 in Washington, Indiana. Check it out!


9 thoughts on “Captured: Whitehouse No. 1

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  2. When we are traveling on an interstate (not our first choice usually) we deliberately take the “town route” at lunch time for the express purpose of finding a “mom-and-pop” eating establishment. One caveat, though. We never eat at any place called “Grandma’s”.


  3. roadgeek says:

    Okay, I’ll bite. What, exactly, is a “tenderloin”? My wife says it is a cut of meat, but I suspect it is some sort of sandwich. What is it? No such thing in Texas…..


    • “Tenderloin” is short for “pork tenderloin sandwich.” It’s a pounded piece of pork, battered or breaded, deep fried, and served on a hamburger bun. It is usually dressed with lettuce, tomato, onion, mayo, that sort of thing. Typically, the piece of meat is much, much larger than the bun. I’m told they’re not encountered much outside the Midwest and seem to be most common here in Indiana.


  4. Lone Primate says:

    There’s a certain charm to finding a place that quirky. Well, not quirky so much as conceding to unusual circumstances. I sense the privilege of closing the place out. It’s like joining some exclusive club. I bet you’ll go back. :)


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