Captured: Fog on the Ohio River

Fog on the Ohio River

I drove to Madison that morning to promote the Historic Michigan Road Byway to local movers and shakers. With all of its historic architecture and its Ohio River scenery, Madison is a great place to take your camera. I arrived early to take advantage of the morning light and enjoyed a little solitude in the crisp late-autumn air.

As I walked along the river road behind the Lanier Mansion, the bright sun hadn’t yet burned through dense fog along the river’s banks. Kentucky was well hidden in the mist.

Also check out Madison’s Fairmount House and the breathtaking Hanging Rock Hill.


4 thoughts on “Captured: Fog on the Ohio River

  1. Lone Primate says:

    There’s a discernible edge to the fog, too, it seems to me… kind of a snow mound shape. Or is it just a trick of HTML? :)

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