Captured: Abandoned State Road 37

Abandoned SR 37

One of these days I’ll finish exploring Indiana’s State Road 37. So far, I’ve covered the section between Indianapolis and Bloomington, which has been a four-lane expressway for at least 40 years. The expressway created a beeline route between the two cities, but the two-lane road that preceded it meandered a bit on its way. Much of the old road remains, and a little of it has been abandoned.

As I explored a segment of the old road in Johnson County, I came upon a dirt mound blocking the way. I parked and walked the old road, and shortly came upon a gap where a bridge had once clearly stood. Fortunately, the banks weren’t too steep and the creek wasn’t too deep, so I made my way down and across. This was the scene as I scaled the other bank – the original concrete road, laid in about 1924, covered with three layers of asphalt.

You can find more photos from this abandoned alignment here. Or, heck, just read the entire trip report. Start here.


3 thoughts on “Captured: Abandoned State Road 37

  1. Lone Primate says:

    Wow, that is a great shot, Jim… so evocative. It’s hard to imagine a time when that was a travelled road. I think that’s the real charm in shots like this for me… the idea that such places were once visited by people every few minutes, and now weeks or months or years can go by with no one, is somehow so profound. I think it instructs us in humility.

    • Right. Can you imagine the crew that built this road? As they poured the concrete, they certainly had visions of traffic following this road for years to come. Could they have imagined this inglorious end to their efforts? I think humans like to dream that their work has some permanence or lasting significance, but such is not the case. I think a key to happiness is learning that life is worth our best efforts, but that those efforts will likely pass away just as we will.

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