Finally appreciating autumn

All my life, the coming of autumn has made me grumpy. It meant winter was around the corner, and I hate winter. But my ill temper was no match for last year’s drop-dead gorgeous autumn. It made me realize that all my life, as soon as the temperatures cooled and the leaves turned, winter began in my mind. Living in the future, I missed the joys of the present.

I trace my anti-winter bias to my kidhood. Autumn meant returning to school, relegating summer’s fun to memory. It’s funny how our youthful attitudes can linger long past their usefulness, but I still feel free in the summer and burdened in the winter. I’d rather wear shorts and T-shirts than layer sweaters and heavy coats. I’d rather mow the lawn than shovel the driveway (especially after shoveling my way out of the Blizzard of ’78). I’d rather open the windows than turn on the heat (and pay the bill).

But I’m finally able to enjoy autumn’s beauty, and it’s great.

Turkey Run

My newfound appreciation of autumn can’t supplant my love of spring and summer. I will probably always feel a little sad the first day I have to wear a jacket and the first evening I drive home from work in the dark. But maybe I’ll accept these changes more easily now.

I am still going to hate winter, though!

I learned the hard way that Indiana winters exact revenge when you duck them for warmer climates. Read the story.


15 responses to “Finally appreciating autumn”

  1. Dani Avatar

    Agreed. Love the vibrant colors of fall and the joy of new life of spring, but detest the season in between.

    1. Jim Avatar

      I’m wit ya, sista.

  2. Lone Primate Avatar
    Lone Primate

    Wow, Jim, you’ve really spoken for me too here. I always try to make “summer” last as long as I can. “It’s okay, it’s still above freezing; that counts, right?” I tend to rush summer in the spring, too. :)

    At least I’m not driving to work this winter. On the other hand, now I have to walk outside up that @#$!^%# hill to the subway. >:P

    1. Jim Avatar

      Yeah, I’m the last guy to ditch short-sleeved shirts in the autumn and the first to wear them in the spring! But here in Indy, public transit rather stinks, and it’s all driving all the time for me.

      BTW, the worst sunburn I ever had, I got in Ontario. You’d think I’d go south for that.

      1. Lone Primate Avatar
        Lone Primate

        Well, Ontario’s tourism slogan is “Yours to Discover”… maybe it should be “Cover Yours”. :)

  3. jonballphoto Avatar

    Man, I hear you about the winter. Ouch. I really like your the photo in the post. Very nice.

    1. Jim Avatar

      Thanks Jon!

  4. Robyn Weber Avatar

    Gorgeous picture Jim! Regarding winter, however, you seriously need to take a few days off and come out here so we can take you skiing, snowmobiling, snow shoeing, etc. Western winters are filled with sunny blue skies, powdery snow, and tons of fun outdoor activities! There’s next to no humidity, so “cold” isn’t the same out here. A lot of the time, we run around without a coat. We do get snow, but then a “chinook” will come along (a warm wind out of the west) and it will all melt. Many times we move snow with a broom, instead of a snow shovel. Because it’s a “dry cold,” we don’t have that terrible dampness that gets down into your chest and bones like it does in the Midwest! How’s that for a “Live in Montana” commercial? ha. Anyway, you’re always welcome. Bring the boys!

    1. Jim Avatar

      Indiana and Michigan winters being all I’ve ever known, I guess I have to concede that winter might be less odious in other places! Arizona winters probably rock, but they probably also bear none of the weather one might associate with winter! Sounds like Montana has a good complement of wintry accouterments with fewer of the sucky parts.

      1. Lone Primate Avatar
        Lone Primate

        I’ve never understood why any of you live north of the Mason-Dixon line. What part of “it never snows here” don’t you guys get? :D

        1. Jim Avatar

          LP, I ask myself the same question every January!

  5. Michael Avatar

    Sounds like I need to become buddies with Robyn. :) I’d love to do some winter camping in the Rockies. I’m not as fond of the cold as I was in my youth near Cleveland, but I still like winter – just not in Indiana.

    1. Jim Avatar

      How is a Terre Haute winter possibly any worse than a Cleveland winter?!?!? Cleveland gets REAL snow!

      1. Michael Avatar

        That’s exactly why. We get hardly any snow here. It’s just dark and gray all the time instead of white like it should be. When you were used to 100″/yr, it sucks only have 20″ in a “good” year. However, Cleveland snows were often wet, instead of powdery like Robyn’s.

        1. Jim Avatar

          Sounds like Cleveland’s winters are like South Bend’s. For the record, I do not miss the snow.

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