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Warm weather has lingered longer into this autumn than it normally does, and my sons and I had been talking about ways we could enjoy it while it lasts. When one of my sons said, “We haven’t been to Turkey Run yet this year,” we knew we’d found the right outing. It’s a tradition that we make at least one annual trip to Turkey Run State Park to hike the trails, and our window for making this year’s trip was closing quickly. So the very next Saturday the boys were here, so we drove out and spent the afternoon. And this time, we conquered Trail 3.

Turkey Run

By state park standards, Trail 3 is very rugged. Much of it runs along a creek bed in a canyon. Where the canyon is wide, it’s a pleasant stroll. Where the canyon narrows, you either walk through the creek and soak your shoes or inch your way along a rock ledge. The elevation changes significantly in a few places, but the steps and ladders the state has installed mean you can leave your climbing gear at home. But all in all Trail 3 demands balance and agility.

Turkey Run

We had never completed Trail 3 before. We tried it on our first trip several years ago, but when we reached the ladders my acrophobic older son announced that he would not be climbing them. But this time he thought he might be up for the ladders, and he did fine.

Turkey Run

We’ve always visited Turkey Run in the spring or summer, but this trip showed us that autumn is the time to visit. The place was just gorgeous with all the trees in their fall colors.

Turkey Run

I got through Trail 3 without soaking my shoes, but I didn’t manage that last time. Read that story.


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  1. Dani Avatar

    Score on the ladder challenge!

    1. Jim Avatar

      I couldn’t believe D was willing to go for it! But he did fine.

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