Requiem for a flip phone

I shall miss you, my longtime companion, my LG PM 225 mobile phone.

When we first met, I knew right away you were the phone for me. You were sturdy, your crimson face was lovely, your call quality was good, and you came at no cost to me with a two-year contract. I proudly carried you in a holster on my belt. I gave up my home land line for you. I was discouraged at first to learn that the Sprint network, to which you connected, had a few giant holes around town. But in time Sprint filled the gaps in its Indianapolis coverage, and forever more you never let me down. Your warm vibration at my hip made me feel wanted and welcome. The Invader Zim wallpaper I created from a photograph of my TV screen always reminded me of good times with my young sons. And the Tetris game I downloaded onto you kept me amused during endless lonely visits to the can.


I was so happy with you that I kept you for years after my contract expired. But old age finally began to creep into your circuits. Your battery came to hold barely a day’s charge. Your headphone jack failed. I could see you were growing tired and old. Even your finish, once so opalescent, had become dull and scarred. I could see that you were not long for this world. And so I bid you a humane goodbye, offering you to the Sprint Project Connect phone recycling program.

A fond farewell to you, my old friend. Though I have downloaded Tetris on my new Palm Pre, its touchscreen game controls are clumsy, and my visits to the john have become forever less pleasant. That I now carry the Internet in my pocket shall have to be my consolation.

I’m actually not that into video games, much to my sons’ disappointment. But I love pinball.


6 responses to “Requiem for a flip phone”

  1. Lone Primate Avatar
    Lone Primate

    “you kept me amused during endless lonely visits to the can.”

    It’s used so often it hardly has meaning anymore… but I say it literally: LOL. Yes, I actually did. :D

    Ask my co-workers. :)

    1. Jim Avatar

      Glad to provide you some amusement before you get down to business for the day!

  2. Bernie Kasper Avatar

    Excuse my while I wipe away the tears, (or other) I won’t go there….very funny Jim !!

    1. Jim Avatar

      Ba dump bump (tssh!)

  3. Michael Avatar

    We had our LG VX3300s for over 4 years. Couldn’t download anything, take pics, etc – just call. I was perfectly happy. Was not happy couldn’t find a new phone without a camera. I’m a simple man. I’m also growing very tired of pathetic Verizon coverage in Indiana. I’m thinking we’ll be looking elsewhere in another year.

    1. Jim Avatar

      The great thing about the camera on a phone is that you don’t have to use it if you don’t want to!

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