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Road textures

Old US 50Vallonia and the Medora Covered Bridge were great, but the part of this trip to which I looked most forward was the eleven or so miles of old US 50 that are country roads today. At last, my travel buddy and I reached them, and they were every bit as picturesque (and fun to drive) as I had hoped.

I really enjoyed the textures along the road. If there had been more places to safely pull over, I would have taken 100 photographs along this stretch.

Since so much of this old alignment is wooded, the bright sunlight of this hot day left crisp shadows along the road.

Old US 50

If a photograph is a sentence, a road running through it is its verb.

Old US 50

Sometimes the road itself added texture from its patchwork of repairs.

Old US 50

My favorite textures came from this bridge, which spans Back Creek. It was built in 1993 to replace a 1915 pony truss bridge.

Old US 50

I think it’s interesting that a steel deck was chosen; that’s not common among modern bridges.

Old US 50

But it sure made for some great shadows underneath!

Old US 50

This being farm country, we saw plenty of soybeans.

Old US 50

It wasn’t until we returned to current US 50 that I noticed any corn. The Plaza Motel’s great sign seems to keep watch over this farmer’s field.

Plaza Motel

Interesting things to photograph can be right nearby. My neighborhood’s trees are great subjects when they flower in spring and when their leaves change color in fall.


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