Early spring crocus

I was still living in the church’s parsonage in March, 2007, when I took this photo. I had just bought my Kodak EasyShare Z730 and was happily photographing all over the church grounds as I got to know my new camera. I’d been a member there for three years but had never noticed the bulb flowers blooming everywhere in the spring. When I went back inside, uploaded this photo into my computer, and looked at it at full size, I was astonished not only by the level of detail my camera was able to capture, but by how much detail this little flower offered. I had never really looked at a crocus before. How delicate was its bright orange stamen! How rich its purple petals!

I wondered what else I had not seen.

My camera has helped me see many other things I would otherwise have missed, such as historic homes on the Michigan Road past which I had driven every day for 10 years.


5 responses to “Captured: Early spring crocus”

  1. David Avatar

    Beautiful image! I like your observations. This almost makes me want to return to Indiana. Is it time yet?

  2. David Avatar

    oh, And too: May a joyous Easter be yours.

    1. Jim Avatar

      Thank you, David, and the same to you and yours!

  3. kym Avatar

    that is such a gorgeous flower & picture. i absolutely love flowers, especially wild multi-colored flowers grouped together. funny though, i was not pleased at all when my college advisor told me i had to take a plant biology for my next semester. i was totally amazed at all i learned and actually enjoyed the course in spite of being a pre-med major. still not sure why a plant biology course is needed to get into med school?

  4. Jim Avatar

    Thanks Kym! And a lot of college coursework is just hoops you have to jump through, unfortunately!

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