RH Spring Morning

As a boy, summer was my favorite season, but as I grew up spring began to overtake it. I remember well the day that spring clinched the top spot. It was the day before I took this photograph, one May morning in 1987.

These were my college days, and this was the view from my residence hall’s back door. I walked this way to breakfast every morning, my mind always preoccupied. But on this morning the scene shouted to me so I had to notice, and I stood there a few steps from the door startled and amazed by how beautiful the campus was. I realized I hadn’t even noticed spring as it arrived. I didn’t want to look away from the still pond, so lovely with all the reflected trees. For the first time I smelled the clean, sweet air, noticing how cool it felt on my arms in contrast to how the sun warmed my skin. I heard birds chirping in the distance and I wondered how many days it had escaped my notice. I felt elated and slightly dizzy, as you feel when you smell something strong but pleasant like fresh lavender, and I enjoyed the feeling for several minutes before I pushed on to breakfast.

The scene repeated itself the next morning. I went back to my room for my camera. I lingered longer that day.

You’d think that I’d always notice spring because I dislike winter so much. But even winter sometimes has its beautiful moments.


3 responses to “Captured: Rose-Hulman spring morning”

  1. Bernie Kasper Avatar

    That is a great feeling Jim, but today I got our first real welcome to spring and that was a Heavy Thunderstorm !!

    1. Jim Avatar

      Thanks Bernie! We got a good downpour here today too. But on Wednesday I was out in the yard in shorts!

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