Felke Florist

If you’ve never been to Plymouth, put it on your list; it is a charming small Indiana city. I came to appreciate it on my many passes through as I explored the Michigan Road in 2008. Its intact old downtown is filled with viable local shops; well-cared-for homes dating to the mid-1800s line the Michigan Road leading in and out. Terre Haute, Muncie, Goshen – they all wish they had a main drag like Plymouth’s.

Once I drove through Plymouth at twilight and Felke Florist’s sign was lit. Try it yourself – it’s impossible not to turn your head to look at the bright, strong red neon. I so regretted that I didn’t have my camera with me. And then on many subsequent trips through town, the sign wasn’t lit. But then late last November as I passed through town, the sign was lit (inexplicably, as it was four o’clock in the afternoon) and my camera was sitting on the passenger seat. You’d better believe I stopped for this photo!


Captured: Felke Florist


11 thoughts on “Captured: Felke Florist

  1. Kurt says:

    Was this a gentle reminder that I promised you a night shot of this? Of course, it’s on the “other” end of town now.

    • No worries, Kurt — if you ever think of it, I’d love the night shot, but I’m not trying to prod you, gently or otherwise!

  2. cliff zeider says:

    Hey Jim, This sign really brought back memories, I worked for Joe Felke and Kitty, they were wonderful and so was the rest of the family. I will never forget them. Cliff

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