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If you’ve never been to Plymouth, put it on your list; it is a charming small Indiana city. I came to appreciate it on my many passes through as I explored the Michigan Road in 2008. Its intact old downtown is filled with viable local shops; well-cared-for homes dating to the mid-1800s line the Michigan Road leading in and out. Terre Haute, Muncie, Goshen – they all wish they had a main drag like Plymouth’s.

Once I drove through Plymouth at twilight and Felke Florist’s sign was lit. Try it yourself – it’s impossible not to turn your head to look at the bright, strong red neon. I so regretted that I didn’t have my camera with me. And then on many subsequent trips through town, the sign wasn’t lit. But then late last November as I passed through town, the sign was lit (inexplicably, as it was four o’clock in the afternoon) and my camera was sitting on the passenger seat. You’d better believe I stopped for this photo!


11 responses to “Captured: Felke Florist”

  1. Bernie Kasper Avatar

    Neat post Jim, we had one on the hilltop I believe was called Fountain of Flowers that had a sign that was a lot like this one.

    1. Jim Avatar

      Ah yes, the Fountain of Flowers, I know it well!


  2. Kurt Avatar

    Was this a gentle reminder that I promised you a night shot of this? Of course, it’s on the “other” end of town now.

    1. Jim Avatar

      No worries, Kurt — if you ever think of it, I’d love the night shot, but I’m not trying to prod you, gently or otherwise!

  3. Chris Felke Avatar

    We’ll leave the sign on for you, just let us know when!

    1. Jim Avatar

      That’s awesome! You never know, I may knock on your door one day!

  4. cliff zeider Avatar
    cliff zeider

    Hey Jim, This sign really brought back memories, I worked for Joe Felke and Kitty, they were wonderful and so was the rest of the family. I will never forget them. Cliff

    1. Jim Avatar

      Thanks for stopping by, Cliff!

  5. Seattle flower delivery Avatar

    Wow, you don’t see signs like this much anymore. Great pic!

    1. Jim Avatar

      Thanks! It’s a great sign.

  6. Adam Avatar

    Great Post!

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