Captured: Main Street, South Bend

Main Street, South Bend

You can still find many rumbly brick streets in the old parts of South Bend. This lonely block of Main Street connects Leeper Park to Memorial Hospital. It once ran south into downtown, but the hospital long ago oozed across the road. Hospitals have a way of doing that.

My brother once lived on this block. One by one, Memorial Hospital bought the houses, razed them, and paved a giant parking lot. My brother’s house was the last one to go. The fellow from whom he rented wouldn’t sell, so the hospital simply waited until he passed away.

This shot is best viewed large.


6 responses to “Captured: Main Street, South Bend”

  1. Amy Harkey Avatar
    Amy Harkey

    Hello, I was recently looking for the value of a brownie reflex camera still in the original box, and I ran across still site. The other sites like ebay and such only have anywhere from $12.00 to $36.00 for the value. Seems too small for something so old. I was hoping you could help me with the value because I have a consignment shop and a client brought it in to sale. It was her mother’s and she has no idea. She also has an Ansco Cadet in the original box as well as a old polaroid colorpack II Land camera. I want to be fair to her and ask for what it’s worth, I don’t want to just give away if it’s of value, i just have no idea. Can you help me?

    1. Jim Avatar

      I’m sorry, I’m no pricing expert. I tell everyone to go to eBay, search for the camera in question, and see what closed listings went for.

  2. David Avatar


    When I moved to Hometown forty years ago, there were still several brick streets. Not neemore. Oh, well.

    1. Jim Avatar

      Someone I know, whose dad used to work for a big road-construction firm in South Bend, said to me that the brick streets are hard to plow and are much, much slipperier in the snow and rain than asphalt streets. Of course, brick streets last approximately forever while asphalt needs redone every ten years or so.

  3. bernie kasper Avatar

    Great pic Jim, if you walk around Madison you can still find places where they have paved over the brick but it still finds a way to uncover itself.

  4. Jim Avatar

    Kind of a worm’s-eye view of the road here. Lots of towns have brick lurking under the pavement! A friend of mine in Terre Haute had his street repaved a few years ago and they blasted all the pavement off to reveal nearly perfect brick — that they then paved back over. Oh well.

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