Indiana National Road milestones

Milestones were placed along much of the National Road; many original milestones (and some replicas) still stand in Maryland, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Ohio. But for some reason, only two milestones still stand in Indiana. The first is one mile east of Centerville, four and a half miles west of Richmond, and nine miles west of the Ohio state line.

Indiana milestones

The other is three miles west of Centerville, six miles west of Cambridge City, and 13 miles west of the state line.

Indiana milestones

These two milestones are on private property, which may be why they still stand. I wonder whether there were other Indiana National Road milestones and, of so, what became of them.

I’ve driven the National Road from its beginning in Baltimore, MD to its end in Vandaila, IL. To read everything I’ve ever written about it, click here.

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6 responses to “Indiana National Road milestones”

  1. Nancy Sartain Avatar

    You can find out more about Indiana’s Historic National Road @

    1. Jim Avatar

      Thanks, Nancy!

  2. RuthAnn Nocus Avatar
    RuthAnn Nocus

    Re: National Road at Toadhop.
    Old Sugar Creek bridge was just south of new Highway 4o perpedicular to Bennet’s Lane on north. National Road ran through Toadhop and up hill to Larimer Hill. Road you pictured coming out of Toadhop is the Old National Road. It continued past Consolidated School, in back of Derby Hill and continued on toward the State Line. Before reaching Robinson Road the old road is no longer in existance on to the State Line.I was born in 1947 an grew up on Larimer Hill.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      Thanks for the perspective on that! You can actually see how that was laid out on the IHAPI Web site, which shows historic aerial imagery of the terrain.

  3. Doug Crawford Avatar
    Doug Crawford

    On the East side of Richmond,at Garwood Rd, turn onto Woodside Dr. It is a half circle. Across from Red Lobster is an old Spartech Plastic Fact[It’s been a Purex fact, and PROCOM Plastics. At the Southeast coirner in the rear there is a stone mile marker. I worked there from 1983 -1998. I did the yardworki and I’ve personally seen the marker!
    I also lived along US 40 for 50 yrs, [Lewisville] I know quite a bit of history in thatarea I have read a lot of books on US 40. I could tell you about growing up in Lewisville. I was born in 1943. Before I70 I would stand along US 40 and watch the traffic from the Indidnapolis 500. I worked in the R.A.Smith Lumber Co. I graduate with Marion Pierce. My grandpa Hickman used to dig graves with a shovel. Mom and Grandma Hickman used to be cooks at LHS. Grandpa also used to work in Raleigh. I lived right next to the cemetary, on what is now 4th street.

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      I found the old factory on Woodside on Google Maps Street View, but I couldn’t find the stone marker. I hope I just overlooked it and it hasn’t been removed.

      I know Lewisville! There’s an antique shop at 40 and 1st St. — I bought a swivel wooden banker’s chair there, the one I use at my desk and am sitting in right now.

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