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Logansport at twilight

I was heading home to Indianapolis on the Michigan Road not long ago and reached Logansport as the sun was setting. The Char-Bett drive-in’s lit sign made me think of chocolate malts, so I stopped for one. I’m glad I did, because they were in their final days for the season.

Char-Bett, Logansport

I’ve driven through Logansport countless times, but had never before managed to do it in the evening when I had my camera with me. I was in no hurry, so I stopped to shoot every lighted sign I could find along the Michigan Road. This tavern is on 6th St.

Old Style Inn, Logansport

I saw plenty of Old Style Beer commercials on cable from Chicago as a kid, especially during Cubs games, but I always figured it was just a local brand. This sign has too many elements of the Old Style logo to be a coincidence, so apparently the brand had more reach than I thought. Logansport is at least 100 miles from Chicago.

Old Style Inn, Logansport

The State Theater is around the corner on Market Street, still showing first-run movies. This sign doesn’t look like much in the light of day, but it sure is strong at night.

State Theater, Logansport

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5 thoughts on “Logansport at twilight

  1. These are wonderfully colourful photographs, pressed against the twilight like this. They’re a real joy to look at. Very nicely done, IMO. :)

    BTW, I think the movie marquee is only going to get funnier as time goes by and people (quickly) forget there ever was such a movie…

    • Thanks, LP!

      The anchors on the local morning news program I watch were talking about that movie yesterday morning. They said that whoever wrote it clearly had some involvement at some time with local television news, because a lot of it was spot on. I’m waiting for it to come to the dollar theater near my house, and then the boys and I will go see it.

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