Wet feet at Turkey Run

My boys and I made our more-or-less annual trek to Turkey Run State Park the other day. We couldn’t have had better weather – sunny and 80.

Even though I’ve made countless trips to Turkey Run State Park over the past 20 years, and have therefore received countless trail maps at the entrance, this was the first time I noticed the spot labeled “Old Highway Bridge” on the map. So of course we went looking for it. Trail 6 takes you right under it. I’ve never had this kind of view of a bridge before!

Turkey Run trip

Trail 6 is in and along the creek after which the park gets its name. I was in my own little world snapping shots of this bridge when shplorp! I learned that a Saucony Grid Jazz 2006 running shoe can soak up a considerable amount of water.

Trail 11 carries you over the bridge, which was built in 1914. That’s two years before this land became a state park. I am very curious to know what road this bridge carried, but the Internet is silent on the matter.

Update 3 Sept 2010: I have learned that this bridge carried an early alignment of State Road 47. Bridgehunter.com has some details.

Turkey Run trip

My sons indulged my bridgehunting for a short time but soon wanted to move along. We came to Sunset Point and took in the view of Sugar Creek.

Turkey Run trip

We also became acquainted, in a way, with one Carl Crune of Purdue’s Class of 1915.

Turkey Run trip

My sons wanted to follow Trail 10, so we crossed the suspension bridge and were on our way.

Turkey Run trip

Trail 10 is just a walk in the woods, but it empties out into the rocks and running water of Trail 3. Check out this view.

Turkey Run trip

The jutting formation on the left is called Wedge Rock.

Turkey Run trip

Both of my shoes were soaked by the time we got out of here!

Turkey Run trip

It was a pretty busy weekday at the park. Wet feet all around!

Turkey Run trip


6 responses to “Wet feet at Turkey Run”

  1. Bernie Kasper Avatar

    Wonderful shots Jim, looks like you had a great time, one day I will get up there for a weekend !!

    1. Jim Avatar

      Lots of great scenery there, but when you’ve got Clifty Falls in your backyard, I’m sure it’s hard to justify the 3+ hour drive!

  2. Michael Avatar

    Hope to get back up there and canoe sometime, maybe even this summer still.

    1. Jim Avatar

      Thought about canoeing this time, but the boys were satisfied to hike. Cheaper that way I suppose!

  3. kurt Avatar

    great pictures! looks like you had sun too. We’ve been over the road bridge once-not sure of the story behind it’s bypass.


    1. Jim Avatar

      It was the perfect day for that park. You know how humid it can get in the woods, esp. where it’s wet — high of about 80 made the humidity easy to bear.

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