I went back to the old US 52 bridge this morning to check progress. First of all, by popular demand, here’s a map of the area. It shows enough context that if you’re familiar with Indianapolis, you should be able to find the bridge.

The demolition crew has begun to remove the bridge’s deck, revealing some of the structure below. This is the top of an arch on the 1930s side of the bridge.

Old US 52 bridge demolition, week 2

Over on the 1920s side of the bridge, reinforced concrete beams were laid down to support the deck; the arches lay below. It’s interesting to me that the 1930s side of the bridge did not use beams like these.

Old US 52 bridge demolition, week 2

The most interesting sight today was a segment where the entire deck is gone. The 1920s bridge’s original outer wall has been revealed.

Old US 52 bridge demolition, week 2

Stepping back a bit, it’s clear that the 1920s bridge was pretty narrow. My experience is that this is typical of Indiana bridges built around the same time. Check out the photos in this post about a bridge in southern Indiana built around the same time.

Old US 52 bridge demolition, week 2

Schedule permitting, I’ll keep checking back on this old girl as she is dismantled.

See the rest of this bridge’s demolition! See the intact bridge, the north half of the bridge gone, and the entire bridge removed.

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5 responses to “Deckless”

  1. kurt garner Avatar
    kurt garner

    Don’t be like the famous photographer in Chicago who kept visiting one of the grand old hotels during its demo and met his own demo!

    I got a pic of that rr bridge off the Michigan Rd in Lakeville this weekend. I’ll send it to you soon.


    1. Jim Avatar

      Yeah, gotta be careful of footing on a bridge that’s being demolished! Looking forward to seeing the rr bridge pic.

  2. Lone Primate Avatar
    Lone Primate

    Isn’t that amazing! The original side of the bridge! They’re tearing it down, are they? I imagine they’ll be replacing it, or more likely they’d just be closing it, eh? But do you know? Will they put in a new bridge?

    1. Jim Avatar

      Oh, yes, they’re going to replace the bridge. This road gets 8,000 cars a day; it’s still an important artery. Info link below:


      I read yesterday that this road was built in 1832! It was graded in the 1860s, and the first bridge here, an iron truss bridge, was built in the 1870s.

      1. Lone Primate Avatar
        Lone Primate

        They’re replacing the bridge for $2.3 million? Wow, I didn’t think they could PAVE a bridge for $2.3 million anymore. :)

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