Tax dollars at work in Indiana’s wealthiest county

By every measure, Hamilton County is the wealthiest place in Indiana, and not by a little bit. The 2000 Census said that Hamilton County’s median annual household income was about $71,000. In comparison, the median income in neighboring Marion County (Indianapolis) was about $48,750, and across Indiana it was about $47,500.

So Hamilton County has some serious tax revenue, and they love to spend it on road projects. In the 2½ years I’ve worked here, four new roundabouts and a mile of new road have been built just on the three-mile stretch of my route to work that is in Hamilton County. It’s been great! The roundabouts ended the long lines at intersections and the new road, a four-lane boulevard, cut a mile out of my drive. I can’t believe how quickly I get to work now.

I sometimes wonder whether Hamilton County has too much money, though. I’ve seen several roundabouts go in and then, months later, be partially torn out and rebuilt. A roundabout went in near my office, but within a few months was torn out and turned back into a four-way stop, and then a year later was rebuilt as a roundabout! But the sight that makes me really scratch my head is along that new road. Here’s a photo. Notice the stop sign.

Carmel stop sign

I’d like to know what, exactly, is being stopped here!


5 thoughts on “Tax dollars at work in Indiana’s wealthiest county

  1. Katz: I didn’t find the contest, but I did find a fun list of Britishisms.

    HR: My kids watched the “Fire in the hole!” scene 1,482 times straight, their squeals of laughter diminishing not one iota each go round, until Dad finally cried, “Enough!”

  2. Lone Primate says:

    They must have had the resources handy and just put it up in anticipation of the road that looks like to be built there one day. Though it does make for a wonderfully comic snapshot. :)

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