No accounting for popularity

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I’ve made most of my creative work (such as it is) available on the Web, starting with my first Web site in 1995. I’ve been prolific in the past couple years, having posted 1,739 photos to Flickr, 112 blog entries, and 10 detailed road-trip reports.

By a stupendous margin, the single most popular thing I’ve ever done on the Web is this, a piece of Flair I created two weeks ago and sent to a friend on Facebook. It has been added to 35,893 Flair corkboards and is the 420th most popular piece of Flair, placing it in the top 3% of all Flair! It is three times more popular than everything else I’ve ever posted to the Web combined! The next most popular thing I’ve done on the Web is a blog posting about my old car, which has been viewed a mere 1,936 times.

I created that piece of Flair in two minutes. Now if only something I put my heart into and really sweated, like pretty much everything else I’ve done on the Web, would take off like that.

I’m gonna be ticked if this piece of Flair eats up more than eight seconds of my fifteen minutes of fame!


4 responses to “No accounting for popularity”

  1. Jim Avatar

    Wow, I’ve rendered you speechless!

  2. Michael Avatar

    Maybe she’s like me and doesn’t get it? The “I’m going crazy” button that has been on buttons, stickers and shirts for decades is the “flair” that is so popular?

  3. Dani Avatar

    Oh no, I TOTALLY get it. :-)

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