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What obscure but interesting tidbit do most people not know about you?

Most people don’t know that I had two eye surgeries by the time I was three and that I wore a patch for a few years to strengthen the repaired eye. I had all but forgotten about wearing the patch until I came across these old photographs.

My great-grandmother, my brother, and I, 1969

The patched eye became lazy, so the ophthalmologist moved the patch to the other eye to correct it. That backfired; I learned to favor my right eye and to this day see everything only in two dimensions.

On Grandpa’s tractor

I remember having to wear the patch to Kindergarten and being embarrassed about it. Sometime that year the ophthalmologist, not realizing he’d scotched my 3-D vision, pronounced my eyes sound and discarded the patch.

So tell on yourself! What little thing does nobody know?


7 responses to “Just call me Patch”

  1. Dani Avatar

    Oh, look at those adorable little cherubs!

  2. Jim Avatar

    Psshh, yeah, you never saw us fight.

  3. Leo Avatar

    “So tell on yourself! What little thing does nobody know?”

    Deep down I struggle to forgive myself and move beyond my past mistakes. I do my best to keep all of this inside, attempting to project a decent sense of self-esteem.

  4. Michael Avatar

    Boy, Rick was a little chub.

    Hmm, obscure, interesting tidbit, eh? I have 3 and 4 roots on my teeth instead of the normal 1 or 2.

  5. Jim Avatar

    Michael: Trippy. I have a cousin who got two complete rows of teeth, one behind the other.

  6. EB Avatar

    I would prefer tell things I know about OTHER people. =)

    But I need to think of something that I can use at work, because these questions periodically come up. It’s like a test: what can you say that is not braggy or boring, weird, or sharing too much?

  7. Jim Avatar

    EB, college summer jobs are often a good choice.

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