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Over Labor Day weekend I finally finished driving the Michigan Road. Here is what stands at its end:

At the End of the Road

You might think it’s the open to The Simpsons brought to life, but it’s actually the cooling tower of the fossil-fuel-fired Michigan City Generating Station.

I didn’t count on how built up Michigan City would be and how that would isolate the road from Lake Michigan. Wind gives the only clue that the lake a quarter mile away; the lake is not visible. At its end, the Michigan Road is US 12. If you follow US 12 another mile west, you reach the beach, where you’ll see the cooling tower from the other side.

Lake Michigan - Mount Baldy


2 thoughts on “Clinched!

  1. This is totally not related to the content of your post, but your subject line made me realize for the first time that “clinch” and “clench” are two separate words with somewhat overlapping but different definitions. I learned something new today!


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