Luna moth

Luna moth

My sons and I were in Brown County yesterday. We had lunch in Nashville and then hiked through the state park. I had hoped to see plenty of crawling and flying things out in the woods, but the best sight of the day was this moth calmly perched on a church sign on Nashville’s main drag. My older son saw him – he has an eye for these things – and pointed him out to us. I sent the photo to a friend of mine who sends me amazing photos she takes of dragonflies and butterflies, and I immediately got a jealous response – apparently, this is a luna moth, and these things are fairly rare, given that they live for about a week out of the cocoon. So now I share this shot with you. He’s incredible up close, so click the photo to go to Flickr where you can see the photo much larger.

He was still clinging to the sign when we drove back through town a couple hours later.


4 thoughts on “Luna moth

  1. It really was a beautiful thing. All I could think about was how if I were a kid, I’d probably capture it and pin it to something for an exhibit at the 4-H fair. Of course, given their short lifespan and the fact that they’re somewhat rare, maybe being on exhibit for others to marvel at wouldn’t be such a bad thing.

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