Pleasant View, on the Michigan Road

Southeast of Indianapolis, about 3½ miles of a five-mile stretch of I-74 were built on top of the Michigan Road. Within those five miles, I-74 swings slightly west, allowing 1½ miles of the Michigan Road to reappear. In the middle of that segment is the tiny unincorporated town of Pleasant View.

If you look carefully as you head westbound on I-74 past the CR 700 W exit in Shelby County, you can see the Michigan Road appear off the right shoulder. Or, just look for the 1946 Dodge, which has long overlooked I-74 at the end of the Michigan Road alignment.

Dodge in Pleasant View

Looking southbound on the Michigan Road from about where the Dodge is parked, you can see how the Michigan Road is aligned directly with I-74’s westbound lanes.

Pleasant View

Heading northbound, after passing a few houses, downtown Pleasant View appears with its restaurant and gas station. The road that comes in from the left leads to the I-74 interchange.

Pleasant View

After passing a few more houses (and crossing into Marion County), the Michigan Road disappears again into the I-74 right of way.

North of Pleasant View

You have to wonder why they didn’t just build I-74 parallel to the Michigan Road for all of these five miles, as they had between here and Greensburg, 35 miles to the southeast!

I’ve documented Indiana’s historic Michigan Road extensively. To read all about it, click here.

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