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Vintage TV: The Price is Right ticket plug

As a kid, I filled large portions of my summers watching game shows, which ruled the morning daytime airwaves in the 1970s. I still love game shows. If I had cable, I’d probably fill large portions of my evenings in front of GSN watching classic reruns.

GSN condenses those reruns a bit so they can squeeze in more commercials. For example, they always cut the ticket plug, where the announcer tells where to write for tickets to a taping. Here’s a ticket plug from The New Price is Right in the early 1970s. Lay it on us, Johnny O!

Most game shows had several music beds for various elements. The Price is Right is especially prolific, with music beds specific to certain games, certain prize types, the showcases, and so on. The show has been around so long that many music beds have been retired! Dozens of the beds have leaked out onto the Internet, such as this, the complete bed for the ticket plug.

Doesn’t that sound a lot better than you ever heard it from your family’s Zenith or RCA Victor?


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