Scenes from the Michigan Road in southern Indiana

I made my second visit to the Michigan Road in southern Indiana on Saturday. I returned to Napoleon, where I finished last time, and drove north from there. It was another great trip, full of sunshine and sights. It was cool, so I rolled the windows down and enjoyed the breeze. My dogs napped in the back.

Just north of Napoleon comes Decatur County, which is full of farmland and great vistas. This part of the Michigan Road is US 421.

Michigan Road, Decatur County, Indiana

Although I haven’t nailed down the Michigan Road’s route around downtown Greensburg and its well-kept square, it’s obvious where it enters and exits because it cuts northwesterly across town. The first few blocks of Michigan St. leaving town are lined with old homes, a few of them fine.


North of Greensburg, not long after US 421 departs to ride with I-74, a one-lane bridge stands along a rutted and dimpled one-lane original alignment of the road. At some point, a new bridge was built nearby and the highway routed over it instead.

North of Shelbyville, the Michigan Road parallels I-74 for a while, first on the west and then on the east. Then the Michigan Road is I-74, as the superhighway was built on top of the old road. I-74 did detour slightly and briefly to avoid obliterating tiny Pleasant View, which is little more than several houses and a gas station. This photo shows the Michigan Road southbound, ending as I-74 traffic swerves to avoid it.

Pleasant View

Pleasant View is just south of the Marion County (Indianapolis) line, so I ended my trip there. Next time I have a Saturday to myself, I’ll explore the road through Marion County.

You can see more Michigan Road in southern Indiana at my Flickr Michigan Road set. Check out all of my Michigan Road posts here.

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2 responses to “Scenes from the Michigan Road in southern Indiana”

  1. Ryan Avatar

    Neat, I really like the video.
    I recently found out that my aunt lives on the old Michigan Road. I can only vaguely remember, but I know it’s somewhere near the town of Plymouth. When I was a little kid I went to Plymouth a lot to visit family.

  2. Jim Avatar

    Ryan: I drove the Michigan Road through Plymouth last fall as I explored old US 31 in northern Indiana. Here is a link to photos from the Plymouth portion of that trip: I’m a native of South Bend, by the way, so you weren’t too far from my old stomping grounds.

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