Vintage TV: Classical Gas TV news theme

During my 1970s kidhood, local stations’ news programs were austere affairs of scowling men in dark suits at gray desks droning on about attempted assaults and school board meetings. Then in 1976, WNDU-TV in my hometown, South Bend, unveiled its revamped news program, NewsCenter 16. WNDU’s bright new orange and tan set and upbeat, hummable new theme music were on the leading edge. A man and a woman read the day’s news, and they smiled sometimes. They even bantered a little bit with the sports and weather guys. If you’re enough younger than me you take this stuff for granted; it is now local-news idiom. In 1976 it was almost radical.

WNDU’s changes captured my interest, and I started paying attention to technological and formatting changes in television news. In time, I learned that there’s an entire industry that serves local TV stations with music and graphics and even strategies and philosophies.

Telesound, a music production company in that industry, supplied the first NewsCenter 16 theme. It was called “Classical Gas,” based on the 1968 Mason Williams hit. At least 10 other stations around the country used this theme. According to the SouthernMedia News Music Search Archive, an index of news themes that includes many audio clips, WBAL in Baltimore used it first, starting in 1974. This 1976 WBAL Classical Gas news open is a classic of its time. Most of the other stations that used the Classical Gas theme stole liberally from this open.

WFTV in Orlando used a different cut of the theme, the same one WNDU used. Here’s WFTV’s open from 1978. I sure wish I had video of WNDU’s version of this open!

A handful of companies produce most news themes in use today. If you go from city to city, you’ll hear the same themes in use. For example, the theme package WNDU uses today is called “The NBC Collection” and is produced by Gari Communications. It is used in 25 markets today.


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  1. Ryan Avatar

    This is really interesting. I’ve noticed this while traveling to other places and commented on how news intro’s and sets are the same, and got that really weird look like.. so? Nice to learn some more about it.

    PS. Thanks for updating my new url!

  2. Jim Avatar

    Ryan, there’s a whole bunch of rabid TV news fans out there, believe it or not. Before the Web, they all traded tapes; today, they post their stuff on YouTube.

  3. Jitters Avatar

    Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation :) Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Jitters

  4. David Avatar

    Hello, great article. I just wanted to say that they also used classical gas as a promo for WPIX channel 11 back in the early 90s. If anyone has a clip of that, it would be great if you could share it!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Jim Grey Avatar

      I don’t know of such a clip but perhaps someone will stumble upon this one day who does.

    2. Phillie Em Avatar
      Phillie Em

      I’m looking for the Classical Gas Cher promo, too. I’ll have to scour through my old VHS tapes…

  5. David Phan Avatar
    David Phan

    Thanks Phillie Em , if you find it please post it on youtube. Another person on reddit by the name of nycsurfer was searching for it a while ago, I’m sure he would appreciate it as well. LOL. Thanks to Jim Grey as well for having this blog!!!!!!

  6. David Phan Avatar

    Hey Jim I was able to find that clip that I spoke of back in Oct. 2018. Check it out!
    And thanks for having this webpage up, it played a huge role in me finding the classical gas promo that I’ve been looking for!!

    1. Jim Grey Avatar


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