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Hoosiers, did you get out and vote today? For the first time in my memory, a Presidential primary meant something in Indiana, at least to the Democrats. And do the Democratic candidates know it. They’ve spent enough time here in the past several weeks that news crews statewide have forgotten what their families look like.

I skew conservative and so my vote today was pretty unexciting. I briefly considered crossing the line and filling out a Democrat ballot to vote against Hillary Clinton, but I have a hard time casting even a protest ballot for anyone who wants universal health care. It’s not that I think the current system is fabulous. It’s that I worked for four years for the nation’s largest private health insurer in a division that executed large Medicare contracts. I dealt directly with government workers at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services – fine people for the most part, just like you’d find in any workplace – but was not amused to see how the political pressures they were under shaped their decisions. If that’s how our government manages healthcare, then I never want the government to manage mine.


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  1. Michael Avatar

    My wife did, but I passed this year. I, too, thought about switching to the other side of the fence but I would have voted for Clinton, as I feel McCain has a better chance against her. Terre Haute seems to be Obama-ized. I would have voted for Huckabee or Paul on principle though.

  2. Pat Avatar

    Although I felt “unclean” afterwards, I crossed to the dark side and voted for HC. Even though I felt the two choices were a wash and both essentially subscribe to the same Marxist Socialist doctrine, the old saying “go with the Devil you know” applied. Plus, the more it drags on, the less they’ll have to spend against McCain in November, who I’ll have trouble voting for as well. Whoever is sitting in the Big Chair come January, it’s going to be a rough four years.

  3. Jim Avatar

    Yeah, Pat, seems like every Presidential election the choices are less and less exciting.

    Michael, one of the things I don’t miss about Terre Haute is how strong the Democratic party is.

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