Spring flower surprises

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Purple tulip in my front yard

This being my first spring in this house, I wondered what surprises the yard would bring as it came back to life. My neighbor tells me that the couple who built this house did some landscaping about ten years ago. After they both passed away, the property became a rental and was only minimally maintained. The grass is half weeds and bare spots.

Yellow narcissus in my front yard

The beds appeared to be in slightly better shape, at least until the dandelions started to fill them. A few weeks ago, green evidence of bulb plants started to push through the ground in the biggest bed, ten steps into the yard from my front door.

Red tulips in my front yard

They started blooming last week, the narcissus first, white and then yellow. The tulips came next, the red a few days before the purple. I don’t recall ever having seen purple tulips before, but I haven’t historically been terribly observant of such things. I liked tulips as a young boy because they were easy to draw.

White narcissus growing in my front yard

I will probably plant some annuals around the edges of this bed in a few weeks. But I sure love these bulb plants, an annual gift from my home’s original owner.

What is this flower?

A lot of these little blue-violet flowers have come up in clumps in this bed, too. I like how their petals are all different lengths. I have no idea what these flowers are, so tell me if you know.

Click any of these photos to see them slightly larger.


4 responses to “Spring flower surprises”

  1. Dani Avatar

    Grecian Windflowers :-)
    Did you notice the blue flower is donning a drop of dew?

  2. Jim Avatar

    I sure have enough of the little guys. Unfortunately, they’re intermingled with the dandelions, which must go. Not sure how to kill the dandelions without also killing the little windflowers, too. :-(

  3. Dani Avatar

    Oh dear, I didn’t realize that they were growing outside of a flower bed. Sounds like a question for Google, Mama Grey or Dr. Dirt.

  4. Hoosier Reborn Avatar

    Great pics…..I shot a few this weekend and hope to have them up soon. Cut the dandelions out, or move the windflowers…..we have some we planted about 6 years ago and I noticed they didn’t come back this year.

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