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I write about my faith, my personal growth, and my roadgeekery hoping that my posts will resonate with you and that you will leave comments that share your experiences.

Last July I wrote a post called “What’s the use?” about enjoying what God has given us. I told the story of my first brand new car, a 1989 Chevy Beretta, and how my sweating over its care often made it hard for me to simply enjoy my car. Even though my Beretta lasted 150,000 miles, it fell apart, as old cars do. This post is far and away the most popular I’ve written. Check out this screen shot of this blog’s all-time top posts, as of this morning. “What’s the use?” attracts one out of every ten visits to my blog! The next most popular post gets about one fourth the traffic.

If you think that people are thirsty for a message of enjoying our gifts, you would be wrong. Check this screen shot of the all-time most popular search terms that brought people to my blog. Notice how often the word “beretta” appears. (I puzzle over the 14 people who found my blog while looking for dirt mounds.)

In reality, most people come to my site to see pictures of my car. It turns out there’s a whole Beretta subculture that loves this little coupe. Some of them soup them up, slather them in plastic body cladding, and race them. Others keep them original and drive them daily. They get together online to talk about it at places like,, and Sometimes they drive their Berettas cross country to sit together among their cars and swap Beretta stories!

We’re not talking Mustang or GTO or Impala SS here. We’re talking the Beretta, a glorified grocery getter that was pretty tame even with its most powerful engine and stiffest suspension. But these people love this car. It probably helps that used Berettas can be had for less than $1,000. It doesn’t cost very much to join in the fun.

These people are doing the very thing I found elusive in “What’s the use?” – they’re enjoying their cars. More power to ’em.


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  1. Dani Avatar

    Okay, I just Googled “dirt mounds” and after 20-some odd pages of “why do cows stand on dirt mounds?” to “could this dirt mound be a grave?” to “this dirt mound is shaped like a turtle…”, I couldn’t locate a reference to your blog. Sooooo, those 14 musta been digging pretty deep (yeah, I know, bad pun) . Things that make you go hmmm….

  2. Jim Avatar

    Dani, are you sure you have enough to do? ;-)

  3. Frank Bellizzi Avatar

    Jim, I’d just about forgotten the Beretta. Have you gotten another one?

    Turns out, the biggest hit getter at “Frankly Speaking” is “What does ‘tolerance’ mean?” I guess Google gets used a lot as a dictionary.

  4. Jim Avatar

    I don’t plan on owning another Beretta. My current ride is a Toyota Matrix, essentially a compact station wagon. I fold down the back seat, put the dogs in the back, and go for long drives in the Indiana country. Last time out I found a one-lane road with a stone bridge built in the 1800s still serving farmers. What a way to enjoy the current car!

  5. tinahdee Avatar

    I think it would be fun to go driving in, say, Ireland, on 700 year old roads. But I need to see my own country first!

  6. Jim Avatar

    700 year old roads? It boggles my mind!

  7. Automatic Avatar

    700 year old roads? It boggles my mind!

    In India, China and Persia, roads are thousands of years old :)

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