The National Road revisited

“I know!” someone at the highway maintenance barn exclaimed. “Let’s get drunk and go stripe some road!”

Crazy striping west of Effingham, IL

This and many other adventures, including an abandoned bridge, 10 miles of abandoned brick highway, and an 1830 stone arch bridge still carrying traffic, in my report on the Indiana and Illinois National Road, Revisited.


4 responses to “The National Road revisited”

  1. Christopher Busta-Peck Avatar

    I love the sign ordering people to not remove the bricks.

    Nice work as always. Keep it up.

  2. Michael Avatar

    The video I took should be about 2/3 the way down the Marshall page, not at the state line. The road you drove on was at the “picnic area”.

    Also, if you haven’t been getting any emails, it’s because you’re missing the domain in your address (roadfan?subject=National Road Illinois 2).

  3. Jim Avatar

    Michael, it took ya long enough to get here! Sheesh. I’ll make a point to correct the video and e-mail situation when I next update the site.

  4. Michael Avatar

    I figured it took so long to get up that I’d take a while to visit. ;) Just been rather busy with stuff and the email dropped off the radar.

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